Edinburgh E-Bike Experience shall be closed from 31st of March to the 2nd of April.

Love the Journey, love even more the destination!

Historic Old Town and medieval architectue

Historic Old Town and medieval architecture.

We are a small local Eco-Friendly Bike rental and Tour company. We hire out electric assisted bikes for people who would like to do self-guided tours around Edinburgh City and experience what Edinburgh has to offer in a fun and exiting way! We supply maps with pre-made routes so that you can follow at your own leisure and visit places of interest. At Edinburgh E-Bike Tours we believe that the journey is equally as important as the destination. We have designed these tours so that the visitor can:

  • Cycle around Edinburgh at their own pace
  • Have a more in depth experience in Edinburgh as they will feel more exposed to the city and their experience will very much be their own personal experience.
  • Find the main places of interest as I highlighted them on the map and on the individual routes.
  • Select the route/routes which interest them the most whether they wish to see the main attractions or go and see places of interest from the off beaten track, beaches, castles.
  • Have the opportunity to see the old historical villages in Edinburgh which have world heritage site status.
  • Escape busy traffic most of the time by cycling along beaches or cycle paths.
  • Have the electric assisted bike doing a large chunk of the work whilst cycling.

What we supply:

We supply E-Bike, map, helmet, panniers, lights and lock and telephone support.